Isaiah Dupree holds a sign as demonstrators gather at Washington Square Park to protest against U.S. President Donald Trump in New York

It is so hard to read about politics and all the terrible things that are happening, and not comment on it (for those who need to be updated on what has happened this week, this is a good resource explaining the agenda and where the office is in what step https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/us/politics/trump-agenda-tracker.html?_r=0). All of what you’ve been reading about, everything that has been happening – it’s real. For everyone who said nothing bad will actually happen while he is in office, well, it’s really happening. And these are people’s LIVES that it’s impacting – and literally where they can live. It’s so much more than just politics. It’s humanity. Reading the news is really hard and horrible things keep arising, but we need to educate ourselves and not just sit still, but fight back. It’s up to everyone to read, educate themselves, listen to their values, be an ally, and take a stand.

I went to bed last night reading about how a Stony Brook University graduate student and President of the Graduation Student Organization was being detained at JFK and getting deported, getting put back on a plan to Iran, where she was returning from back to school after visiting her family for break. It broke my heart. Reading about every person that was getting detained and held at the airport under this absolutely ludicrous ban broke my heart. Luckily, the federal court has temporarily halted the immigration ban and they stopped the plane, letting her off to enter the country under her student visa. This is what happens when you stand up and fight back – people keep on saying that there’s nothing anyone can do and all the protesting and marching won’t accomplish anything. They’re wrong. Anything can help and make a difference. Your voice alone can help and make a difference. We need to do everything we can to be an ally and help those who are getting banned from their homes, from where they might have lived their whole lives and who identify as American. It empowered me, just like last weekend at the Women’s March, to see so many people come together and use their anger for good. But there’s a lot of fighting left to do.

I admit that I’m scared. All the things that have happened this week – defunding organizations that provide abortions or reproductive counseling, the implementation of the Gag Rule, the approval of the pipeline, the Muslim ban and blocking Syrian refugees, and so much more – make me fear our country and what is going to happen. But we are greater than fear. And the fact that people keep on coming together and uniting for what they believe in shows that we are greater than fear.

This isn’t the America I know or stand for. This simply isn’t American at all. We are all immigrants here. America is a country built on immigrants. We are supposed to be an inclusive nation that accepts all and chooses love over hate, that helps those who suffer. These “issues” that keep on getting referred to are not the problem – refugees are not terrorists, Muslims are not our enemies, women should not be inferior to men and men should never have control of our bodies. YOU (everyone should know who I am referring to) and YOUR distorted, horrendous views are the problem. Everything that has happened, and will probably continue to happen, makes me so incredibly angry, sad, and sick to my stomach, and I wish there was more I could do, but it empowers me to know that people are using this fear, this anger, this sadness, for good and to not back down. To retaliate and fight back. Because we can’t sit still. We have to keep pushing back. I will stand, as a powerful women and as an ally, and fight. We’ll all fight for those who can’t.

I also wrote this little poem:

We will never back down, we will continue to fight.

Do whatever you want, but you will not take away our rights.

We will stand up as Americans, proud and tall,

for you are a sad, pathetic man, to me you are timid and small.

See, we as Americans, accept and love everyone,

we are a country built on hopes and dreams, working under the midnight sun.

Your mother is an immigrant, don’t you know?

She came here once to give you the American dream, to her you do owe.

Yet you give her no respect, are you against her?

Your own mother is an immigrant woman, your whole mind must be a big blur.

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in your head, why you think what you’re doing is right,

and then I remember it’s because you’re a privileged pig head, tiny hands and white.

We, as Americans, will push back until you fall.

We will unite together, you will never build that wall.

As an ally to every group targeted and as someone who believes in climate change,

I honestly think that you are truly rather deranged.

And as a woman who you are trying to control, I will always wear my pussy hat,

marching alongside my fellow ladies was a proud moment, even though I hate cats.

Anyway, my point is, that we will continue to try to stop you and protest.

This has brought our community together and for that, I do feel blessed.

We stand up as Americans, we will persistently fight,

those who battle alongside me empower me and forever bright me light.

Image source: http://religionnews.com/2017/01/26/trump-no-muslim-ban-just-immigration-restrictions/



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