Experiences vs. Material Items

I think that one of the things I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is how much to appreciate experiences versus material items.

I used to be a shopaholic. Always having to buy new clothes or wanting something that was popular that “everyone” had. And I admit, I still have my shopping problems. But I’ve gotten so much better and have really tried to become more of a minimalist when it comes to the things I physically own. Does this bring me joy? Or is it a necessity? If something doesn’t bring me joy in any sense, or if it isn’t a necessity, then why am I spending my money on it? And why bother having it take up space?

We get so caught up on owning things that we forget where our priorities lie. We forget what sincerely brings us happiness. But I think I’m starting to figure it out.

Experiences you remember forever. Experiences change you. I’d much rather have someone take me somewhere, whether it be out to dinner or a play or something bigger like a weekend away (Hey, Campbell) then buy me something. I’d much rather share something together. For Christmas, Campbell and I went to a spa. For Valentine’s Day, we are going to Broadway play. And its’s perfect. Not only do you get to spend quality time with whoever you’re sharing the experience with, but it becomes a part of you. Experiences are parts of who you are while although a material item can be a part of you, it still remains separate.

Last night, I went to The Lumineers concert. And boy, it was an experience. I would rather spend $80 on concert tickets than any material item. Music (especially them) makes me feel magical things, and that concert is something that I sincerely believe I will remember forever.

I think the pursuit to happiness is to save your money on experiences and those that are important to you and bring you joy, and to do them with those that you care about and want to spend time with together, sharing something you both will always remember. It’s the best.


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