Losing Interests You Love

I’ve found that as new chapters begin and your life changes in some aspect, sometimes you lose sight of the things you love and along the way, lose your interests. But you don’t want those interests lost and are just unsure of how to discover them again. So you have to try to find them and incorporate them into your new life.

Before college, my three favorite things to do for fun were reading, writing (especially poetry), and photography. I used to be able to go through two books a week in high school, spend my evenings writing, and editing pictures that I’ve taken. It soothed me. I love getting lost in a book or in my words or in the details of a photo.

But coming to college, I kind of lost those interests. And I’m not using the word lost as in that I don’t have those interests anymore. I mean lost as in they went missing. I became so busy wrapped up in classes and homework, clubs, work, internships, etc. that I stopped having time for the activities that I loved and relaxed me. At first, I didn’t even realize that I stopped reading before bed, that I hadn’t written a poem in months, and that the only pictures I had taken were me at a bar with my friends. What happened?

I still love reading. I still love writing. I still love photography. Nothing has changed in that sense, but where my time has been committed to the past few years has changed. I still read, but not as much as I’d like. I’ve made this blog to start writing again. And I try to take pictures, but at this point, I’m trying to document my time at school rather than anything else, so I’m okay with a picture of me and my girlfriends out. Because I’ll look back on that once we graduate and remember all the laughs and memories. It’s okay that things shift, but it’s also okay to try to shift it back in a certain sense. To find a balance.

As new chapters begin, you lose “old” interests you love sometimes as you find new things you love. But you just have to incorporate and find time for what soothes your soul. Give back time to yourself, and make sure to do what makes you happy.

I might only have one semester left, but I think I’m figuring out how to blend it all that will hopefully allow me in the future once I’m working full time to figure out how to incorporate my interests into my daily life. I’m going to try to read a few nights a week before bed, I’m going to try to write a few blogs posts a week, and I’m going to continue to take photos. I’m going to find what went missing and claim it again.


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