Valentine’s Day


Growing up, Valentine’s Day was always a family holiday. My mom would make a Valentine’s Day dinner, the house would be decorated in hearts, and my parents would give my sister and I little gifts and candy. We’d sit around as a family and celebrate. We were always so excited and it was great! It was about celebrating love and I was fortunate to be born into the best kind of love from my family. From what I knew, Valentine’s Day was just about celebrating those you love. Family, friends, anyone. I never really associated Valentine’s Day with romantic love. And then I met Campbell.

I recall our first Valentine’s Day and partially forgetting I was supposed to get him something (he doesn’t know this so if you’re reading Campbell, my bad). I remember running to CVS and buying him a teddy bear that said “I love you” and smelt like chocolate. It was gross and definitely a bad idea. He did really good and got me a huge bouquet of beautiful pink roses alongside other things. But I got better the next year (and so did he with Taylor Swift floor tickets).


Peep roses from 2012. Photo evidence because they were too pretty.

I learned that Valentine’s Day wasn’t really about getting the other something just for the sake of getting them a stereotypical Valentine’s Day gift. I felt like I was sucked into this new form of Valentine’s Day that had pressure. Pressure to conform to these stereotypical gifts and fancy dinner plans. But then I remembered all those years about celebrating with my family.¬†Valentine’s Day is supposed to make people take a step back to remind themselves about appreciating the ones they love and doing something to show it. Whether it be making a nice dinner, writing a thoughtful card, etc. I think I learned a lot by celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family. It’s just about celebrating love and there should be nothing but happiness surrounding that. There should be no pressure.

But I also don’t like the concept because Valentine’s Day should be a lifestyle in a relationship. It shouldn’t just be a one day a year thing where you go above and beyond to show your significant other you care. You should be showing them you care daily. Man, I got lucky with Campbell. I really did. He shows me everyday, in some way. He tells me he loves me so much that if I had a dollar for every time, I’d be a billionaire. He never forgets to text me good morning or goodnight. He always tells me I’m beautiful, even when I clearly look like a train wreck. He tells me I’m an angel, even when I’m PMSing and definitely being a raging bitch. He makes me breakfast in bed too often when we’re together. He’s always up for an adventure. When we’re both home, I come back to little gifts and notes on my bed. When we’re together, he takes me on surprise date nights and I don’t know where we’re going. He lets me put my hands in his pockets when we’re cold out, even though it annoys him. He’s patient with me and listens to me. It’s the daily small things.

Valentine’s Day is nice because who doesn’t love to celebrate love? Celebrate your familial love. Celebrates your gals. Celebrate your loved one.

But celebrate other days too. Turn Valentine’s Day into a lifestyle. Never let the people you love go too long without them knowing what they mean to you. I hope everyone had a happy, blessed day filled with love in some sense. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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