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This past weekend, Campbell came to visit and we had the best weekend together. Knowing he’s coming, I always get that nervous excited feeling. On Friday, he hit tons of traffic and his expected arrival got pushed over an hour and a half. I was going CRAZY. But he eventually made it (after I ate three of the cookies I made him). One of my favorite feelings is when he calls me saying he’s turned onto the road my apartment is on and I run outside and see his car pull up. I feel like a giddy child and that nothing can bring down my happiness.

Saturday, we went into the city which was SO much fun and something that we’ve never done together expect to travel home when he lived in New Jersey. We had a delicious sushi lunch in the theater district and then saw the Broadway musical, Waitress. It was AMAZING. Like seriously amazing and it made me cry and was so beautifully done. We ate pie during the show and it was great. It was such a good date idea to go to a Broadway play together. I hope to go again one day! Then afterwards, we met up with Molly, Giulia, and Eva, my three friends from University of Queensland! Not only was I ecstatic to be reunited with them, but it was so nice having Campbell meet Giulia and Eva (he’s met Molly since she goes to school in Boston) and spend time with all of them. It honestly felt unreal being able to all be together again and we just kept on hugging each other and squealing with joy! But it also felt so normal, like we had never been apart!


We met them at Rockefeller Center and then walked to a bar on 5th avenue that has heated igloos. It had a stunning view of the Empire State Building and the bar gave everyone fuzzy robes to stay warm. It was so fun just being with them again and afterwards when Campbell and I left to go catch our train, I felt really sad saying bye. They’re such amazing people and I’m so grateful Australia brought me friends into my life that span the world. We have such an unbreakable bond and connection. From Brazil, to America, to Luxembourg, and everyone else we are friends with from UQ. IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Sunday was a lovely, lazy yet fun day. We went out to breakfast at Maureen’s Kitchen with Nicole which was delicious and worth the 45 minute wait (I don’t know if they’ll agree considering how hangry I was). Then Campbell and I went grocery shopping. It’s these small, mundane activities that I can’t wait for when we finally live together – grocery shopping, doing laundry, etc. It felt so normal, just going around the grocery store food shopping. Afterwards, we watched Finding Dory since Campbell had never seen it and then did some research for our big Iceland trip. From never going out of the country together, to now having Spain and Iceland booked! So exciting! At night, we went to a bar with Joanna and Seth and ate wings and played air hockey. It was just a fun, casual day/night and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


Weekends are always better when Campbell’s around. I can’t wait for the day when we don’t just have to spend weekends together, but we can spend every day. And the next time we’ll be seeing each other, it will be in Spain! Ah! But I miss him already and long distance sucks. There’s been 1,634 days since we started this long distance journey. Only 88 days left until I graduate and our distance closes from 260 miles to 35 miles.


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