Future Pressure

Going off my last post, being a college senior can be hard. I feel like there’s so much pressure for the future. The number one question I get asked is when people realize I’m a senior, “Oh, you’re graduating in May?” followed up with, “So what are your plans after college?” Everyone, even without saying it, expects you to have a plan. But what if you don’t want a plan right away?

I’m looking forward to taking the summer off to relax, travel, and spend time with friends and family. My parents aren’t putting pressure on me to rush, so why should anyone else? When I tell that to people, they’re taken back though. I had a coworker act surprised and say something along the lines of, “Wait, so you don’t want a job?” OF COURSE I WANT A JOB. I am just in no rush to jump into one after being a full time student and working part time for the past four years. When will I have this period in my life again to take some time off?

We’re so young, yet our generation puts so much pressure on themselves. Pressure to know what they’re doing with their life, pressure to go back to school, pressure to have everything figured out. But who said we have to have everything figured out? Who really ever has everything figured out? People go back to school while working full time with children, people change their life paths at many times in their lives, people change careers after working in a career for 30 years…You can’t always plan! And there’s nothing wrong with that. Do I have a good idea of what I want to do with my life? Yes, with being a psychology major, I think I want to go into counseling and I got an interview to work at a psychiatric hospital as a mental health counselor which I am very excited about. But do I have everything figured out and do I know that is definitely what I want to do my whole life? No! That’s why I didn’t want to go back to school right away so I could take the time to make sure I had a better sense of what I wanted to spend my life doing.

I have many interests that go far beyond psychology and counseling as well. I’m great at organizing and planning. I feel like I would be a great event planner. I love traveling and feel like I would be great working for some type of international education company or a study abroad office.

But there’s pressure to know what you want to do right after graduating. However, there’s really no rush. So I don’t entirely know what I want to do…So what!? I’m going to take my time figuring it out.


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