The Magic of Spain

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I’ve been MIA from writing because I was away traveling Spain with Campbell and let me just start off by saying, it was the best trip and so refreshing for our relationship. It was our first international trip together and because of just that, the whole trip will hold a special place in my heart. Traveling is so important to me and ingrained in my blood. Wanderlust is my middle name. Finally being able to share travel and such a memorable trip with Campbell meant everything to me. I got back to school yesterday and I already wish I was back eating delicious cured meat and yummy churros under the Spanish sun.

Spain is magical. Honestly, it is a really special and unique country. You can tell the second you step out on the street and see the colorful apartments with little balconies and flowers, the locals and their cute restaurants, feel the relaxed culture…It’s so wonderfully different. I couldn’t stop looking around as we walked the streets just taking it all in.

Spain 2017 (20)

We had two stops on the trip and one day trip. Campbell and I went on the trip to visit our family in Spain, my sister, Heather, in Madrid and his cousin, Lincoln, and his family in Seville. It was SO fun being able to finally visit Heather and see the life she’s made for herself in Madrid; her and her boyfriend, Dani, were the best tour guides and hosts, showing us all around their beautiful city. I was so impressed with her and how independent she is being so far away, and I can see why she loves Spain so much, especially Madrid, and wouldn’t want to leave! She gave us the best time while we were staying with them. Heather picked us up at the airport when we arrived and right away, we went out to explore! We were so eager just to get out there and see the city. We ate delicious tapas and had drinks, walking around to see a night view of the palace and cathedral, and staying up way longer than our bodies wanted us to. But it was worth it!

The next day we woke up early (as early as we could being jet lag) and went out to explore. Heather brought us to this cute market that happens every Sunday and we met up with her friend, Lisa. We walked around the city, embracing the beautiful weather (we got lucky with weather the whole trip for it was sunny and warm all week basically) and went to this park with famous almond tree flowers and then all went out for a big yummy lunch. I couldn’t believe how cheap food was in Spain yet how delicious and good quality it was! We got a three course lunch for 10 euros! At night, Heather, Campbell, and I went to a Real Madrid soccer game. It was such a cool experience being able to see a game live and be in the stadium. And we won, yay! Afterwards, we met up with Dani for drinks and tapas. Man, I love tapas!

On Monday, Campbell and I slept in which was much needed and then went to school with Heather and sat in on her last two classes of the day. She teaches English! Her students were so cute and we had fun helping out in class and seeing what she does during the school day. We then went to this look out point over Madrid and it was breathtaking! Such amazing views. Then we went to the Arab Baths and it was so relaxing. We met up with Dani when he got out of work after for more drinks and tapas. Yum!

Spain 2017 (156)

The next day we left to embark on our journey to Seville! We took the high speed train which was really cool and got us down so quickly. Seeing Campbell’s family and spending time with them was really nice! The kids are ridiculously cute and his family were so welcoming and incredible hosts. They made us feel right at home and so comfortable. Lincoln’s wife, Esme, was the most fabulous cook and generously made us most meals during our stay! We went out the first night just the two of us and walked around the city, going up to a look out point overseeing all of Seville. It was nice just wandering the two of us, soaking in a new Spanish city. Seville is a lot smaller than Madrid, but stunning. The following day we went out with Campbell’s uncle and saw the most beautiful sites, including the Plaza de España and the Alcázar. I overheard a tour guide say, “Be careful on your bikes because you might die from the beauty” meaning the beauty might distract them and they’d get in a crash. But I honestly felt like I could have died from the beauty!

We were only in Seville for three days, but we packed in a lot! The last day, Campbell and I went off on our own since Lincoln and Esme were working, the kids were at school, and his uncle was off on an excursion. We spent the whole day just roaming the streets of Seville, exploring various neighborhoods, seeing more sites, eating more delicious tapas, getting gelato, relaxing by the river, and just holding hands and talking. It was a great last day and we finished it off by playing with the kids and having a yummy last family dinner.

We headed back to Madrid for two more days with Heather and Dani! We arrived back Friday morning and went out to see some sites during the day and got churros. Seriously, I love churros. Then we went to Retiro Park and watched people row the boats, walked around the park and saw the Crystal Palace, and met up with Lisa again. The park was so big and gorgeous! The following day, we went on a day trip to Segovia. My gosh, Segovia was like stepping into a fairy tale. The views were incredible, overlooking snowy top mountains. We roamed the town, admired the aqueduct, went up the palace, and again, had delicious drinks and tapas. When we got back to Madrid, we did some last night city roaming, did some shopping, and got tacos from a famous one euro taco place. Yum!

This is a long, slightly detailed post about the trip and that wasn’t my intention, so I apologize! But once I started thinking about the trip and Spain, and all the things we did, I couldn’t stop typing! We are so lucky that we have family abroad to visit and take us to see such amazing places. And there’s nothing like traveling with the love of your life, creating memories together, experiencing new things and seeing new places. And as you can see, we created a lot of memories! Our start to traveling the world together, having an adventure of a life side by side. Next stop together is Iceland in May. Stay tuned!


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