Why You Should Travel to Bali

When I was studying abroad in Australia, going to Indonesia was an idea in my head, but it wasn’t something I was seriously considering at first. I knew I couldn’t go everywhere and there was enough to see in Australia alone! But when my friend, Jess, said that Bali was somewhere she just had to go, I knew I was in. And everyone should go to this island.


Indonesia 2016 (2)

Everything in Bali is really cheap. Most of our accommodation looked like the one above (this is a hotel in Kuta) with comfortable rooms, breakfast included, and a pool area. Flight, accommodation for two weeks, activities, food, shopping, I barely spent over $2,000. Most meals were equivalent to a few U.S. dollars at most. You can’t drink the water, but a liter of water was equivalent to about a quarter. Also, most of the shopping are street markets and you haggle the price, so you can get things pretty cheap if you want to. We did do an organized trip with Bali Intro so you could definitely even go for cheaper with finding your own accommodation and scouting out good restaurants! I did really enjoy going on an organized tour because it took the hassle away of planning ourselves and we still found it cheap. Some of our accommodation was even nicer. Check below (a private villa in Lovina). Not everyday you can stay in a private villa that has an infinity pool with a view like that, right?

Indonesia 2016 (205)

Also, the culture in Bali is incredible. We visited so many amazing places, like temples and rice paddies. Every view was spectacular, but learning about what we were seeing was even better. Learning about the history and witnessing the culture of the country was unlike anything I’ve ever gotten to experience before. I feel like most places I had traveled to before this trip were mostly Western ideal, large first world countries. Indonesia, and Bali specifically, were very unique for me in this regard and really opened my eyes.

The variety and diversity in what you can do or where you can travel to within Bali was really cool too. We traveled all over Bali, from Kuta to Canggu to Uluwatu to Lovina to Ubud, and every place was so different from the last. Some places had really good history and temples while others had amazing beaches and street markets. It really gave us a taste of Bali as whole, and if you go, I would really recommend not staying in just one place. In Lovina, we went dolphin watching. In Ubud, we went hiking up a mountain at sunrise. In Kuta, we went surfing and to the beach. Every place had something different to offer!

Indonesia 2016 (409)

View at the top of Mount Batur at sunrise during our stay in Ubud.

Indonesia 2016 (69)

Padang Padang beach in Uluwatu.

Indonesia 2016 (125)

Tanah Lot in West Bali.

Indonesia 2016 (187)

Gitgit Waterfall near Lovina.

And this is just a very small amount of examples of places we saw and things we did to give you an idea, but as you can see, there is so much variety in what you can do and see on the island and all of it is so enriching and spectacular.

In addition, the locals are so nice and pleasant. We got to go see a family who made their living off growing coffee plants and weaving baskets. They taught us so much about their lives and the culture of Bali. And made us delicious food! The local food was really good. A lot of fried rice and noodles, chicken, eggs, bananas, etc. and all really yummy! I would recommend keeping to local food and staying clear from too much fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and Western menus.

We also got to go to Gili T and hop over to Lombok. Bali being an island makes it very accessible to the other surrounding islands so you can explore further! Look at that crystal clear blue!?

Indonesia 2016 (292)

Last, and most importantly, THERE ARE MONKEYS EVERYWHERE! Who doesn’t love monkeys!?

Bali is an amazing place that I would highly recommend visiting. Not only is it cheap to travel to, but it has incredible culture and so much to offer to travelers. It also helped I got to travel with some pretty darn amazing people. If you guys are reading this, I miss you all!


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