Our Love Story: How We Met

Stony Brook Senior Year 2016-2017 (212)

This is probably going to be humorous for some people to read who have basically grown up alongside Campbell and I throughout our relationship and been there since the beginning, but relationship posts are sometimes requested, so here is our “love” story of how we met! I put that in parentheses because he really didn’t like me at first…You’ll see.

It all began in May 2011. 6 years ago next month. WHAT!? I was sitting in the library during a free period the end of my sophomore year of high school and I went up to my friend, Shiraz, that was sitting next to a guy I never met before. That guy was Campbell. Immediately, the first thing that crossed my mind was how cute he was and how did I not know him!? I introduced myself and we made some awkward small talk. He was definitely more interested in his homework than me. So I left and went up to my friend Katie and asked, “Who is that!? He’s so cute. He’s going to be my boyfriend.” I said that as a joke, but I look back and think that I knew from the first moment because I’m cliche like that. She responded, “Campbell Narron? I did Artbarn with him. He’s not your type.” But me being the most forward person, I decided to put myself out there.

I found him on Facebook and added him. Right when he accepted, I messaged him and asked him for his phone number. I was literally crazy! But I knew what I wanted and I was interested in getting to know this guy. He texted me that night and we talked for awhile. I asked him what type of girl he was into and he responded, “Tall and blonde.” Literally the opposite of me. He made it very clear he wasn’t into me, but I was determined. Mwahaha!

I kept on texting him for the next week and asked him to have lunch with me. I remember eating lunch on the field outside our high school, just making small talk and the conversation flowing so easily. We actually had a great time just talking and sitting together. We ended up having lunch again, but I wanted to hangout with him outside school. Yet our texting conversations started with me texting him first always and him eventually not answering when it got to us making plans and then me texting him again. He clearly didn’t want to hangout with me, even though we had a nice time eating lunch, and I had to accept that.

School ended and summer began! Katie and I were hanging out with people one night when I wanted to reach out to him, but she stopped me. And I’m so glad she did. She basically told me I had to get a hint and he wasn’t interested and to leave this poor guy alone. So I didn’t text him. I put my phone away.

About a week later, I get a text. It was Campbell. I had a mini freak out (no really, I was so happy) and then texted Katie about it, that her tactic worked (even though she really had no tactic in mind) because he missed me texting him all the time and reached out. We had a nice conversation and then he asked if I wanted to go see the new Harry Potter movie. Little did he know, I’ve never read Harry Potter before or seen anything past maybe the second movie. Now I have, but at this point, I was not a Harry Potter fan. I had nothing against Harry Potter, I just never got into it. But I pretended to be so excited to go see it and said yes! We met at the movies, talking about how we couldn’t believe it was the final movie and we were both so excited. I literally sat through the movie not understanding anything. I had no idea what I watched and I had no comment after whether they ended it well or not. I kept on changing the conversation. I eventually told him not too much longer after that I actually had never seen Harry Potter and just wanted to hangout with him and we laugh about it now. We went back to my house and played pool in my basement and ate out of a Ben&Jerry’s carton. Things were easy with him. It felt right. I wanted him to kiss me so bad, but he didn’t. His mom came and picked him up, we did an awkward hug, and he left.

I didn’t want to be the first one to text him after we hung out so I didn’t. And days went by with no word. I was really disappointed because I thought we had a good time. So I went back to the same mentality I had to leave it alone. About a week later I get a text, “Hey, want to hangout again sometime?” I responded, “Oh, you never texted me. I didn’t think you had fun!” In reality, Campbell was very inexperienced and just didn’t really know how to “date” or talk to girls. And that was one of the reasons I fell for him so hard actually. We made plans for him to come over to watch Office Space, which he told me he loved last time. He came over one night and my aunt was visiting from Africa and as he walked in she goes, “Is that him!? He’s so cute!” making it very obvious I talked about him and liked him a lot. We went to my basement and watched the movie, then hung out for awhile after. We had such a fun time and I swore this time, he would kiss me. But then he left again.

I was going to the Cape for a week and I made a bet he would text me everyday while I was gone to make up for all the times I texted him. He did! We talked pretty much all day every single day. I was smitten. And very excited to get back home to see what would happen.

I was with my friends the night I got back when I was near his house and decided to reach out. He ended up being free, so the two of us went to get frozen yogurt. We got it and then went to go sit on the bleachers at our high school. He put his arm around me as we crossed the street. We sat on the bleachers as we ate our frozen yogurt, just laughing and talking. Everything seemed so easy with him! With all the past people I was involved with at this point, things were difficult, pretty much always. He was so different than from what I was used to, but in the best possible way. And I was hooked. Then he leaned in and kissed me. I swear it was magic. Ever since then, almost 6 years later, I’ve been standing on my tippy toes to kiss him. Adding him on Facebook all creepily was the best decision I’ve ever made.

So he wasn’t that into me at first. Really, at all actually haha but it’s so funny to think about now. It’s crazy looking back how things started when we were so young and I was just 16 years old. But I love our little story. I love how we met. I love that it took three “dates” for him to kiss me. Long distance is hard, but I even love the past 5 years, because it’s our story. It’s our relationship. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Moral of the story: put yourself out there. You could be surprised.

Junior Year 2011-2012 (64)

Also, above is the first picture ever taken of us September 2011 cuddling in the cafeteria. Ah, such babies!


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