Social Media Isn’t Always Reality, Or Is It?

I see so many posts everywhere about social media not always being reality. And it’s true that often, it isn’t. Often, people post these images of themselves that depict a certain persona and have followers view them a certain way. They might be having a bad day, but instead they post a picture of themselves laughing with their friends with a cute caption. They might be fighting with their significant other, but instead they post a picture of the two of them holding hands, even though they’re still angry at the other person. We don’t want the public to see the bad. We only want people to see the good and to like (literally) what they see. And because of this, along with other reasons, no one should judge someone completely off their social media profiles because people are SO much more than what they post. You should never wish to be someone you see on Instagram, because you have literally no idea what else is going on in their life. Sure, they might be traveling the world in cute clothes you could never afford, but they aren’t sharing the ugly. They’re only sharing the good. You don’t know what is happening behind that picture.

But doesn’t that kind of make sense? Why would anyone actually want to share the bad? It’s private. Me posting a picture of Campbell and I kissing doesn’t mean that we didn’t get in a fight last weekend and I’m hiding it, or that our love is a lie. It just means that I didn’t want to post a picture of us, writing a caption sharing with everyone about our argument, and we most likely made up. A lot of what happens that’s good too I don’t share. Some things are just private, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that what is shared isn’t reality. Like I said, there are people that often might not post reality. They might only post this persona of them. But I think a lot of people do post reality too. They just choose what reality they’re posting and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with keeping aspects of your life private, good and bad.

Simple and short, but don’t judge someone off their social media pages. It might be reality. It might not be. But either way, it’s not the person’s full character. Everyone is so much more than the images they post, statuses they write, pictures and captions…Get to know someone before you decide you want to be in their shoes. Love the life you live. Love the life you share. Love the life you decide to post, the good and the bad.


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