Family Admiration

I think as you get older, you develop a family admiration that you don’t have when you’re younger. Especially while I’ve been in college, I feel like I appreciate the time with my family so much more since I’m typically home so little and only for breaks. The time is really valued. When you’re younger and living at home, you tend to spend more time with your family and the time spent with them slightly taken for granted. As a teenager, you’d rather go out with friends than hangout with your parents. But now, there are often times I’d rather hangout with my parents. They’re my friends! I respect my parents so much more than I feel like I did when I was younger and the guidance they’ve provided me. My mom is my best friend and I call her everyday! She’s always one of the first people I tell things to. My dad is the hardest worker I know. I can’t wait to move home and spend time with my family more consistently because I really value them. Family are truly forever friends. I love watching House Hunters with my parents, curled up on the couch and chatting about life. It’s honestly the best.

I look up to my sisters so much and love continuously growing with them, learning more about each other and developing our friendships that are ingrained in our sisterhood. They are three of the most amazing people I know. I am so proud of who they’ve all become and I feel like I admire them more than I ever have as I approach this new chapter in my life graduating college.

And especially my grandparents, as they get older, I want to spend as much time with them as possible. I respect and admire them more than words. I love going over to their house for dinner and completing sewing activities. My grandparents are incredible people. But I will miss receiving snail mail from my Granny at college! Even my extended family, uncles, aunts, and cousins, I admire so much and I look forward to holidays and our summer vacations every year being able to spend quality time together.

I think as you get older, your perspectives on many aspects of life change, and usually, they change for the better. I think when you’re younger, your priorities are elsewhere and you take certain people in your life for granted, such as your family since they’re typically always around. Hanging out with your parents isn’t “cool” and you might not want your sibling hanging around. Maybe you’d rather go over to a friend’s house than your grandparent’s house. But as I’ve gotten older, I want nothing more than to hangout with my family. The thing I’m looking forward to most upon graduating is moving home and being able to spend time with them more consistently. Admire your family. Spend time with you family. Call them and tell them you love them, because family is the most special.


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