A Week In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is quite the city. It’s extremely diverse and has so many unique neighborhoods. I had the best time staying with Ali! She was such an amazing host and took me around everywhere! We lived so lavishly for the week, going out for delicious meals and drinks we probably couldn’t afford 😉 But it was such an experience and I feel like I really got to know LA thanks to her! We had so much fun together and I miss my blow up bed next to her.

Los Angeles 2017 (140)

My first night we met up with our friend Katie that I was also coming to visit and we got dinner and drinks! It was so nice being together and just catching up. I never get to see my West Coast gals and missed them a lot! Afterwards, I was so tired from flying across the country that I zonked out. The next day Ali took me to Venice and Santa Monica. It was such a fun area! We roamed around, got Eggslut, relaxed on the beach, watched skateboarding, and walked around the Venice Canals. The day started off cloudy, but it cleared up and was perfect outside. Then at night, we went to the Dodgers game which was so much fun and we had the best seats! Check plus for a great first full day.


The next two days Ali had to work so I went off and explored during the day. On Tuesday, I hiked up to the Hollywood Sign which was a really cool experience. Then I went into Hollywood which was not so cool…It reminded me of Times Square which I find really overwhelming and I hate, so it wasn’t really enjoyable. But I’m glad I saw Hollywood and walked around the stars and everything. However, you can really do without this as it’s super touristy and doesn’t represent the rest of LA well. Then when Ali got off work, we met up with Katie and her friends for drinks and Ali and I ate AMAZING brussel sprouts. Important to note. The next day, I walked all around the Santa Monica Pier and relaxed on the beach for awhile. Then I got my nails done and did some shopping. It was kind of nice going off on my own and just wandering!


On Thursday, Ali and I went into downtown and went to The Broad. It was literally the coolest museum I have ever been to! I loved it so much and was in awe at some of the work. Then we had the best lunch at the Grand Central Market. I got thai food and this incredible lemonade and then we got yummy cakes. That evening, we were supposed to go to Jimmy Kimmel, but they were full and we got turned away. But we still watched them shoot this outside segment which was kind of entertaining. I did see Morgan Freeman though! We then went to Koreatown and had dinner at this rooftop restaurant in a greenhouse and then went out to get drinks at Lock & Key. I also got a panda donut. Yes, we ate a lot and it was phenomenal.

Los Angeles 2017 (296)

On Friday, Ali and I took a day trip to Malibu! It was the perfect day and Malibu was so beautiful. We spent the day drinking champagne and eating tostitos tanning at the beach. We got lunch at Malibu Farm, the cutest restaurant on a pier. It was delicious. I got a brussel sprout salad with chicken. We ate a lot of brussel sprouts while I was there. On Saturday, I met my friend Alyssa from Victoria’s Secret in Glendale for lunch. It was so good to see her! We just caught up and goofed off like we did when we worked together. I miss her so much. She’s literally the funniest person ever. Then Katie met us and we did some shopping at The Americana. When Ali got off work, Ali and I met Alyssa and her friends as well as my other friend from VS, Lina, at the coolest bar called Breakroom 86. It was such a fun place and you enter through a vending machine. Like what!?


Sunday was my last day and I was sad to be saying bye to such a fun city! Ali, Katie, and I went to Smorgasburg and definitely stuffed our faces with such amazing food. Then Ali and I spent our last night together eating In n’ Out and wandering around Ikea for her new place. It was great. I really had such a fun stay!


I couldn’t see myself living out in LA because it’s too much of a driving city and everything is too spread out for me. But it is SUCH a fun city and I had a great time visiting! Honestly, the food, the beaches, the atmosphere…It’s dreamy! I already want to continue exploring the west coast. San Francisco next!?


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