My 5 Favorite European Cities

I wrote a blog post on my 5 favorite places in Australia and really loved highlighting my “favorites” so I’m going to start a favorite series where I write a blurb and post one of my favorite pictures I have that mean something to me. What “favorite” blog posts would you like to see? Favorite meals while traveling? Favorite activities? And about which place I’ve been? Check my “where I’ve been” under about me and let me know!

To get the next one rolling, my favorite cities in Europe…So far! I always have felt so fortunate to have grown up going to Europe during the summers. It has shaped my life so much and opened my eyes to the world – it’s the main reason why I’m always “sick” with the travel bug! My mom being from England, every year or every other year, we would hop over the pond for my family reunion and tend to tack on another country or city while we were there. I saw so much of the world with my parents and am so grateful to them for that. Campbell and I recently planned to head over for my reunion this upcoming summer and I’m so excited to show him two of my favorite cities that he has never been to: London and Paris! Well, I went to Paris once when I was pretty young, but I loved it and really want to go back. He’s also always wanted to go to Italy, so we are thinking of tacking Venice on before heading over to the reunion. I’ve been to Italy before, but never Venice! So it here goes!

London, England

England 2014 (421)

This city gives me the feeling of home. Man, I love London. I haven’t been to London since 2014 and am so excited to go back in the summer to show Campbell around after 4 years. My grandpa lives in London and we would always visit him before heading to our family reunion. It’s such a beautiful, old city – historic, yet at the same time, modern. I love just wandering around. It’s easily in my top favorite cities in the world. It’s so diverse and there’s so much to do and see. Even though I’ve been so many times, every time I go I feel like I experience something different and that’s why I love it so much. There are amazing attractions, from the London Eye to the British Museum. I’ve seen a few plays in London and they’ve all been outstanding. It is expensive and crowded, but there’s just something about wandering the streets of London, going to pubs and getting classic British food, sleeping in a quaint British accommodation, and waking up to teas and scones. I might be biased, but England is the best.

Florence, Italy

Instagram (446)

The moment my college roommate, Betty, and I got to Florence, I was in love. It was so authentic and perfect. It summed up everything I thought Italy would be and more. The beautiful streets, the endless cheap yet REALLY delicious pasta, gelato on gelato, the architecture…Everything. I’m so glad we went to Florence first and then Rome because if we started in Rome, I think I would have felt overwhelmed and had a harder time soaking in Italy. I absolutely adored Florence, the little streets and hole in the wall restaurants. If you haven’t been to Italy and are daydreaming about Rome, go to Florence first. It’s smaller, more manageable. And although Rome is dreamy in very different ways, I think Florence shows you more of an authentic side to Italy. Also Betty, if you’re reading this, let’s go on a trip together again please!

Madrid, Spain

Spain 2017 (20)

I visited my sister, Heather, in Madrid with Campbell this past March. It was Campbell’s first time out of the country and my first time in Madrid. It is such an incredible city and I could see right away why Heather loves it so much there. It’s so beautiful, everywhere you go and there is so much to do and see just in Madrid alone. We already want to go back just to explore more! The little Spanish balconies and beautiful streets, everywhere we went I was in awe. Also, Spanish food is AMAZING and Madrid is so cheap. I could eat tapas on tapas for every meal. The culture in Spain and the way of life – it’s like any other country. Everyone is so nice and relaxed. We had the best time visiting Heather and her boyfriend, Dani, and they showed us around everywhere – the cute markets, gorgeous parks, beautiful cathedrals and the palace, took us to the best neighborhoods. Madrid definitely makes one of my top favorite cities in Europe, hands down.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland 2017 (27)

Going to Iceland was my graduation present from my parents and it was the best trip ever. I went with Campbell and the week we spent in Iceland was one of the most treasured weeks of my life. Although our favorite moments were not spent in Reykjavik and were in the southern part of the country exploring nature and chasing waterfalls, I absolutely loved this city. It was small and reminded me of Hobart in Tasmania, one of my favorite places. The streets are so cute and colorful and Reykjavik is right on the water, which really creates the whole feel for the city. Iceland is incredibly expensive everywhere, but Reykjavik had more diversity and the best seafood that wasn’t a million dollars like in the south. We loved the time we spent here!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam + England 2010 (212)

So I’ve been to Amsterdam once and it was in 2010, so almost 8 years ago and I NEED to go back one of these days, but I absolutely love Amsterdam. The canals, everyone biking, the flowers, the laid back vibe…I went with my parents and my sister, Sarah, and we were only there for a few days, but spent the whole time walking everywhere and exploring every inch of the city. Sarah went back in 2016 and had just as amazing of a time and I was so jealous, I need to go again! Amsterdam is definitely one of my favorite cities and I have so many fond memories of that trip with my family. It’s such a beautiful place with so much to see! One day soon, I’ll go back!

What are your favorite European cities? Where should I go next!?


4 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite European Cities

  1. What I love about Europe (I have just moved to Sydney on a Working Holiday Visa from the UK) is that it is so full of diversity and countless nations within the same landmass as the USA or Australia. You can get the train from London to Paris in such a short time.. How cool is that?!
    I’m from Newcastle up in the North East of England, I highly recommend it as it has a lot to offer. History, great nightlife, and is only a short train or car ride from Edinburgh which I also highly recommend. Have you ever been that far north in the UK?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree! That’s one of the main reasons why I love Europe so much – every country is so different, yet you can get around between countries pretty easily and it’s all so accessible. I’ve actually never been to Newcastle before but I may be going with work in the next coming months. I would love any U.K. recommendations! I always go to Devon for my family reunion and London regularly, and have been to other areas that my family live, such as Tunbridge Wells and Norwich. I’ve been to Edinburgh once but when I was pretty young and would absolutely adore to go back!

      Sydney is such a fun city, I hope you have a great time living there! I lived in Australia (in Brisbane) for 6 months. Sydney was one of my favorite places I visited!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hopefully you get to with work ๐Ÿ™‚ I am loving it here, I have started full time work already so I need to start making travel plans to cities like Brisbane!

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