Side Hustles & Passion Projects

If you know me, you know that I┬álove staying busy. Don't get me wrong, I love a relaxing evening watching Netflix or a day to just hang around. But I have trouble sitting still for too long and usually, I'm doing multiple things at once! One semester in college I took 6 classes, had 2 … Continue reading Side Hustles & Passion Projects


1 Week In Iceland

FINALLY, I'm writing a travel itinerary! When Campbell and I went to Iceland, we had the most incredible time and made an amazing itinerary with the help of friends and family who had been to Iceland in the past. I'm going to write a day by day, with the places we stayed, and all the … Continue reading 1 Week In Iceland

Relationship Thoughts

Sometimes I blog about travel, sometimes it's love, sometime's it's health and fitness. I hope that somewhere on this site, you readers are getting inspired. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see! Check out my "where I've been" and ask questions to inspire me for blog posts, travel specifically. Or ask … Continue reading Relationship Thoughts

Tips for Travel Planning

Sometimes planning a trip can be hard. I feel like some people don't travel because the act of planning the trip they find too stressful. For me, planning one of the best parts! Day dreaming about the places you're going and writing itineraries while you ask people you know for advice and suggestions for things … Continue reading Tips for Travel Planning

My 5 Favorite Stops In Bali

I could rant about the magic of Bali forever, and I want to go back to Southeast Asia so badly. I would absolutely love to go back to Bali and soak it all in again. It was such a relaxing, yet adventurous two weeks and I loved every minute. Even when I got Bali belly! … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Stops In Bali

2018 Resolutions

I'm the type of person that always likes to reflect on the prior year and then come up with new goals for the year ahead. Although really, January 1 is just another day and you can come up with new goals whenever you want to, it always feels like a fresh beginning to me. A … Continue reading 2018 Resolutions

Boston Bucket List & Stay-Cations

I love traveling. I love experiencing places all around the world and traveling far away, to places that feel unfamiliar and a little scary sometimes. I love going outside of my comfort zone and experiencing new cultures. But also, I love home. I love Boston. And sometimes I realize, there's so much to do and … Continue reading Boston Bucket List & Stay-Cations

Health & Fitness: A Constant Journey

Health and fitness has always been important to me. Growing up, I always played many sports and danced. I played soccer, basketball, softball, and volleyball. I loved being athletic. But health and fitness has been a constant journey for me, and I'm starting to realize it always will be. As life changes, your health and … Continue reading Health & Fitness: A Constant Journey

My 5 Favorite Beaches Around the World

Next up, my current top 5 favorite beaches around the world! What beaches should I tack onto my bucket list? Rincon, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is the best place. I went with my parents and Sarah last year over the winter and it was blissful. We went to San Juan for a few days and … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Beaches Around the World

Voyages of 2017

This year, I graduated college, had some epic adventures, started a full-time job working for EF Education First, and had planned some even more epic adventures. A recap of the voyages I took in 2017! January I started 2017 off the right way, heading to Aruba with two of my best friends, Betty and Joanna! … Continue reading Voyages of 2017