My 5 Favorite Australia Places

Australia will always have a special place in my heart. I miss living there all the time and feel so lucky for the time I did live in Brisbane! I got to travel all over the place. I've been reminiscing on my time there because now, all I do is talk about travel all day,... Continue Reading →


6 Year Anniversary

To my love, 6 years with you. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were in high school, meeting each other in the hallway during class just to see each other for a brief minute. I still don't know how I got so lucky that you ended up being mine, but... Continue Reading →

Israel Israeli Nice

So I've been poor at writing recently, but just having got back from Israel, it's a good reason to get a post up! I initially decided to do Birthright and go to Israel to explore my Jewish heritage that I never got to explore, and because well, it was a free trip to a country... Continue Reading →

New Life Motto

Post grad life has given me a lot of time to think about life and what I aspire my life to be like. What I want from the future. One big update: I accepted a job! I'm going to start working in August at EF in their Go Ahead Tours department as a Travel Support... Continue Reading →

30 Countries Before 30

If you know me, you know how much traveling runs in my blood. And I got a job working at a travel company which is so exciting and fits my wanderlust needs perfectly! I can't wait for this opportunity and to be talking about travel constantly with people that travel inspires just as much as... Continue Reading →

Passions and Interests

Having recently graduated, I find myself often pondering my passions nowadays. And if I really even have one...I've never really been that person that had that ONE passion or that ONE thing that drives and motivates them. When I was applying to college in high school, there wasn't really a school that I REALLY wanted... Continue Reading →

A Week In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is quite the city. It's extremely diverse and has so many unique neighborhoods. I had the best time staying with Ali! She was such an amazing host and took me around everywhere! We lived so lavishly for the week, going out for delicious meals and drinks we probably couldn't afford 😉 But it... Continue Reading →

The Land of Ice

Iceland is my new favorite country. And not just because I spent an incredible week there with the love of my life. It's beautiful, unique, diverse, and is filled with adventure. I already need to go back! Although it's ridiculously expensive, I would HIGHLY recommend adventuring over there because there are endless amounts to explore... Continue Reading →

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