Passions and Interests

Having recently graduated, I find myself often pondering my passions nowadays. And if I really even have one...I've never really been that person that had that ONE passion or that ONE thing that drives and motivates them. When I was applying to college in high school, there wasn't really a school that I REALLY wanted... Continue Reading →

A Week In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is quite the city. It's extremely diverse and has so many unique neighborhoods. I had the best time staying with Ali! She was such an amazing host and took me around everywhere! We lived so lavishly for the week, going out for delicious meals and drinks we probably couldn't afford 😉 But it... Continue Reading →

The Land of Ice

Iceland is my new favorite country. And not just because I spent an incredible week there with the love of my life. It's beautiful, unique, diverse, and is filled with adventure. I already need to go back! Although it's ridiculously expensive, I would HIGHLY recommend adventuring over there because there are endless amounts to explore... Continue Reading →

Field Hockey Forever

When I first started high school, I tried out for the soccer team at my school. However, due to the surplus of girls that tried out, myself, along with others, didn't make the team. Having played soccer my whole life, I was devastated. What would I do now!? I played in my elementary school league,... Continue Reading →

Family Admiration

I think as you get older, you develop a family admiration that you don't have when you're younger. Especially while I've been in college, I feel like I appreciate the time with my family so much more since I'm typically home so little and only for breaks. The time is really valued. When you're younger and... Continue Reading →

Long Distance 101

Last weekend, Campbell came to visit me for my senior ball. And as he was dropping me off at work before he left to head back to school, it hit me...This is the last time we're going to be saying goodbye in the same sense we have been for the past 5 years or so. The... Continue Reading →

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