My 5 Favorite Things About Camping

A lot of friends I grew up with all had summer houses they went to every year, whether it be a beach house on the Cape or a house in Maine on a lake. I had a summer house too. My summer house was called Nickerson State Park. I just got back from my family … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Things About Camping


Life Update: I MOVED!

So I’ve been very busy and pretty MIA recently, but it’s for a good reason…I MOVED! Campbell and I moved in together officially on June 1, and we have been busy getting settled and organized in our new apartment. We moved into a basement apartment below my grandparents and are so lucky that we have … Continue reading Life Update: I MOVED!

Up to Date 2018 Travel Plans

Working full time, I thought I'd have a harder time exploring and adventuring. I made it my goal to travel to at least 5 new places in 2018, and I thought now almost 5 months through the year, I'd update you guys on my 2018 travel plans and if I made my initial goal. Thankfully, … Continue reading Up to Date 2018 Travel Plans

My 5 Favorite Experiences in L.A.

I miss the West Coast. I'm definitely a Northeast gal and couldn't imagine living anywhere other than Boston really, but I've been dreaming of my California trip recently and want to get out there again. For this blog post, I decided to write my 5 favorite experiences I had in L.A.! Malibu Malibu, although not … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Experiences in L.A.

Thoughts On Health, Balance, & Happiness

The most important thing in life is happiness and exercise brings me a lot of joy. And what also brings me joy is balance. I prioritize exercise because it brings me happiness, relieves stress, and being healthy is an important part of life to me. But what is even more important when it comes to every aspect … Continue reading Thoughts On Health, Balance, & Happiness

Why I Truly Love Traveling

Since I was a baby, the love of travel has been ingrained in me by my parents. I was an infant the first time I was on a plane, and I've been on many plane rides ever since, mostly international. People who don't get the pull to travel have trouble comprehending what about traveling I love … Continue reading Why I Truly Love Traveling

My Top Dream Trips

I wrote a blog post on "30 Before 30" and places I want to go, internationally and in the United States. I am always dreaming of that next big trip to take. So far, 20 countries and 4 continents down, and a list of places I want to see that keeps getting longer! I thought … Continue reading My Top Dream Trips

Paradise in Turks & Caicos

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I was just in Turks & Caicos, aka paradise! Campbell and I escaped winter, and had the most wonderful week away basking under the sun. We were supposed to fly out Tuesday, but our flight got cancelled because of the snow so the airlines gave us … Continue reading Paradise in Turks & Caicos

My 5 Favorite Experiences In Rome

I'm going to be frank, I didn't love Rome when I went. It's a huge city and much more "American" than I was expecting. I walked into a store and they were playing American top hits and I had to stop and remind myself that yes, I was in Italy. But Rome is also one … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Experiences In Rome

Sweet, Sweet Melbourne

I reminisce about living in Australia all the time and going back there one day. If there's something I would change about my time in Australia, it would be spending more time in the places I already went. So many of the trips were for long weekends and never enough time! Melbourne is such a … Continue reading Sweet, Sweet Melbourne